Exploration Craft

May Updates


  • Veteran Rank can now toggle pvp on/off. All higher ranks inherit the veteran rank.
  • Donator rank tags were cleaned up.
  • New /recipe command.
  • Command blocks are enabled. Lets see what we can do with them.
  • Rules have been simplified.
  • Voting now also gives 4 levels of XP.
  • Shop is now more user friendly.
  • Outdated warps were removed.
  • Buildings near the roads owned by banned / 1 year nonactive players were removed.
  • Junior Mods can now kick.
  • Player chest shops are starting up in Serdio.
  • Horse eggs are now only $400 instead of $5000.
  • Tuesdays are now free from nights. Great for building.
  • Some MCMMO features have been disabled to help with players claiming land.
  • New Wilderness warps added and the wilderness warps were moved to the warp wall.
  • World 2 spawn received a anti-mob makeover.
  • Donator shop is now in a updated location.
  • A daily loot chest was added to spawn.
  • World 2 has doubled in size.
  • Big flowers were added to /warp garden
  • cobwebs are available again at /warp serdiomarket


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