Exploration Craft

Summer Updates

These is a big list of updates to show you today that I have make on the server this month.

  1. Donator rank has been replaced with a gamedollar buyable rank.
  2. Vet rank was renamed gold
  3. Builder rank is now Iron
  4. Donator rank is now Diamond
  5. Obsidian is now our newest rank.
  6. Admin rank is back and is responsible for up ranking players.
  7. Horse shop, donator shop & the regular shops been moved to Serdio.
  8. Spawn now has a greeting message
  9. Shop now has a greeting message.
  10. Mobs will no longer spawn on the roofs of spawn.
  11. Announcements have been cleaned up
  12. /thread /opme /exc commands added to the server.
  13. World2 was reset to a seed with tons of different biomes.
  14. Builder tuesday will have no rain starting the 26th
  15. /warp sharktopia removed due to no active residents and not meeting the 5 resident criteria.
  16. /warp newton was removed.
  17. some wild warps deleted or changed.
  18. Red Desert is finally finished.
  19. Daily loot chest was moved closer to /spawn.
  20. Voting messages are less spammy.
  21. Abandoned building cleanup is finally finished.
  22. Herobrine removed.
  23. Iron Golems are working again
  24. Snow Golems are working again.
  25. Mob spawning is less restricted now.
  26. /warp garden removed
  27. /warp diamondshop & donatorshop removed (warp pads to be added at the shop)
  28. change in the staff members, new mod on the team.
  29. Spawn has been redecorated
  30. /warp shop has been remade.
  31. Warp wall extended for upcoming World2 wild warps.
  32. Herobrines mother removed.
  33. Chest shops can now be made by players with [gold] rank or higher
  34. most of all references to donating was removed from the server.
  35. /warp maze removed
  36. Lava,gravel,water,dirt from emerald mine was removed.
  37. Notch unbanned.
  38. Auto AFK was removed from Opped staff
  39. we now have teamspeak again!
  40. MCMMO was updated to the latest version.
  41. our server now offers a snapshot testing server for a limited time.
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