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September updates

A few updates to share with you today. mostly centered around voting. Some of the vote sites were not helping us get new players at all. I have decided to focus of 2 vote sites instead of 5.

Some of our older/richer players may have found doing 5 votes a day was too much effort for them. So voting on 3 out of 5 sites was going nowhere.
I hope with only 2 vote sites and these vote updates, the number of daily votes will increase at least by 50%.

I hope to see our largest vote count we ever had this month.  oh… I got a idea how about a contest ? The player with the most votes this month will earn $50,000,
second place earning $25,000 & third place earning $10,000.

Ok Enough of my blog ramblings, here is a list of updates:

Voting now gives $500
2 vote sites instead of  5
Voting now gives 6 levels of XP
Votes are less spammy.. no [EXC] tag
Grief prevention is now available in world2
Server now reminds you to vote.
Vinces AFK spam is turned off again.
Server spawn will now stay loaded.
Server now has more RAM.
Forum now blocking 40 million email accounts & 20,000

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