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1.8.1 Plugin News

We have plenty of updates for you this month.

Yes you heard right, the world map is finally back on ExC. Homes & warps however still are not working but, at least the best part of the map (claims) can still be seen.

Minecraft multiplayer servers are able to work only because they have a system in place to only load chunks that are being used at that period of time. When a player leaves the chunk it shuts off instead of staying on. The last 2 weeks this critical feature was not working and the chunks were staying loaded and as more chunks were loaded by players the server would start to overload at about 27,000 chunks (Thats the equivalent of having 200 players online). The bug has been fixed and there is no longer any more lag.

All pre-1.8 lockette chests no longer work and needs to be replaced with newer lockette signs.

players have been wonding where sharktopia is. I’ve moved it to a larger desert when I was clearing up the area surrounding Spawn & Serdio.

Some players are still unaware of the new world2 currently featuring 1.8 biomes. You can explore world2 by typing /warp world2.

clicking on a banner no longer crashes players clients.

Grief prevention has been fixed but still may bug out. report it to staff if you have any problems claiming.

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