Exploration Craft

April Update

A large amount of updates released today:

  • World Border is increased by 69 blocks.
  • The Herobrine mod has been added.
  • All sand is 75% off!
  • All gold ore in the world has been replaced with diamond ore
  • Squids have a 1-200 chance of dropping a book named “Life of a squid”.
  • Flatlands are now 5000% more flatter.
  • /warp deathpit added for players who want to commit suicide.
  • /warp farfarsouth & farfareast added
  • /warp mario added. A maze inside a giant Mario. Walk into his mouth and make your way through his digestive system.
  • Players must now pay monthly property tax with all claims. $0.10/block/month near spawn & $0.05/block/month away from spawn
  • All dirt is 95% off!
  • Horses now drop random items like iron platebodies & gold shovels (because of all the players they ate in the past).
  • /Kit OP is now available every 240 hours that includes full diamond armour.
  • New Worlds addeds including the prison server called North Korea & a dangerous city world with deadly NPCs called Detroit
  • All Griefers have been unbanned.
  • The dynmap will now show the locations of all of Mavracks unprotected chests.
  • Stone rank has been renamed stoner
  • Torches now burn out
  • gold rank has been renamed gold digger
  • Dirt has been renamed dirty ho
  • Furnaces have a 1 in 100 chance of catching wood on fire that is placed around it.
  • Players can now buy bedrock for $1000 each.
  • mods have been renamed Police
  • Votes now enter the player into a monthly draw to win a lifetime supply of cobblestone.
  • Added Volcanic eruptions
  • Bunnys now breed out of control.. like bunnies
  • Players can now marry each other or their …animals ? (odd)
  • Oh BTW April Fools
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