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Database cleanup scheduled & other news

Cool title eh? Anyway, next month on October 19th, the server will receive a cleanup on most of the non-essential databases of the server, including saved homes, all the mcmmo, inventories & votifier. Some of these databases have became pretty big and for awhile have been needing to be cleaned up. If you look on the world map you would see thousands of homes of players who only may have played for a day or two. Be sure to lockette all your valuables.


This summer you may have noticed I no longer pay for the advertising of the server. Minecraft has changed way too much to easily advertising a old school survival style server. Back when I started the server there was 2 different types of servers “creative and survival” and now there is not only 100 different types of multiplayer servers there is Minecraft on ever console and device you can think on. (PS3, PSvita, PS4, XB ONE, 360, android, pi, Iphone and now 2 versions on the PC.


We at Exploration Craft have no affiliation with the badly written android game name Exploration craft or its creator smartties (yet another unoriginal name). Its just the case of jackassery at its finest.


I still play but only once of twice a week with my kids. After 4 years of playing minecraft it gets dull. I do not plan on closing the server down but, I also do not plan on playing the $25/month advertising again for awhile.


Players have been asking when the map is going to recieve a map reset. It isnt. Simple as that. I instead remove abandoned/ugly buildings once in awhile on the server and i do not wish to lose any of the great creations that were built on the server. Think of the server as a time capsule, the castle you built as a kid will most likely be still be here for when you have kids of your own.


I have great plans of turning a ExplorationCraft.com into a website where you can read up on the latest minecraft news, download the latest and greatest adventure maps and share your creations with the other members of the community. If this becomes a profitable hit (a big if), the profits will be placed back into the community as advertising for the server.


If any of you wish to build with me & the family on tuesdays to help finish this massive town then hit me a message on twitter.


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