Exploration Craft

About Us

Minecraft Survival the way it used to be

Exploration Craft is a Social community based Server that has been around for almost four years now. We have many features on our server that lets you play either in the PVP, survival or hybrid-creative building ways. Its a great place to build , mine & craft.

Come join our minecraft server at play.ExplorationCraft.com. We are running version 1.10, the current version of minecraft.



Not for profit, all for fun

Exploration Craft is a server that focuses on making a great place to play while still staying a old school semivanilla server. While many large servers try many things to turn a large profit, things that even may ruin the fundamentals of multiplayer servers, we on the other hand focus of making a great community.

While these large servers are full of players who only come on to grief or troll ours are not. We have a good amount of trusted staff members keeping the trolls & griefers at bay, making our server a safe place to play for all ages.

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