Exploration Craft

The Ranks

The Ranks

STONE 1 Free
IRON 3 see spawn for all commands Default Rank
GOLD 4 /me Ability to make a shop Timed Rank
DIAMOND 5 /nick Special Shop $50,000
OBSIDIAN 6 /hat, /feed, /back Fly Mode $250,000

Stone Rank

This rank is the lowest available. It has bare-minimum commands to give what ever player who wants to try out classic ExC Vanilla. This is not the default rank so dont worry about having no commands if your a command lover.

Iron Rank

(Screenshot) This rank is the default rank that is given to all new players. so many commands I cant list them all here. Visit spawn to see all the commands you have access to. 🙂

Gold Rank

This rank will be given to frequent/trusted players of the server. This rank allows you to make chest shops and toggle PVP on/off.

Diamond Rank

Diamond is a rank to replace our old donator rank and can now be bought with game-dollars in a amount of $50,000.

Obsidian Rank

(Screenshot)Obsidian is our best player rank and can be bought with game-dollars in a amount of $250,000. This rank is overly awsome with its access to /feed & fly mode. Imagine the things you can build with ease with fly mode.

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