Exploration Craft

The Rules

The Rules

1. No griefing or block-snatching

  • No purposely ugly builds
  • No 1×1 towers
  • No Floating trees
  • Don’t Destroy another players builds
  • If you take from a farm, replant it.
  • Stealing is only allowed if its a unprotected chest in unclaimed land. Any other stealing is against the rules.

2. No hacks or X-Rays

  • Do not use any mod that gives you X-ray, flight,extra speed and jumping power.


3. Respect players and staff

      • Dont rage over PVP, be a good sport.
      • No trolling of players and staff
      • Respect all genders, religions & races
      • No Homophobic comments.

4. No advertising

5. Don’t build near other players without asking them first.

      • Your build must be 30 blocks away from other builds
      • Your build only needs to be 10 blocks away from other builds if its on main road.
      • Towns have different rules about building. you will need to follow their specific rules.

6. No nagging the staff

      • Do not ask for day.
      • Do not continuously ask to be a staff member.
      • No means no.

7. No spamming.

8. Keep the chat clean.

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